About Cartesi

The Operating System for DApps
Our Story

Cartesi was founded in 2018 by Erick de Moura, Augusto Teixeira, Diego Nehab and Colin Steil. The founding team initially got into blockchain as a result of one of the founders, Augusto Teixeira, being friends with Serguei Popov, the founder of IOTA. Serguei became one of Cartesi’s earliest investors and advisors.

Augusto had the original idea of creating a trustless AI marketplace for data scientists. Later, the team realized they were tapping into a broader scope and the project evolved into developing a versatile layer-2 Linux infrastructure to overcome the problems of scalability, of computation, and infrastructure for blockchain applications.

Cartesi is special in the blockchain universe because it allows decentralized applications to run within a Linux environment. Complex processing can be executed off-chain, free from a blockchain’s computational limits and corresponding fees. Cartesi is chain-agnostic and developers won’t need to worry about the longevity of particular blockchains.

Cartesi has received funding by prominent investors and funds such as SNZ, SOSV, Artesian and others.

Cartesi’s vision is to make the development of DApps easy, scalable, and cost-efficient by incorporating tools developers already use and have evolved over the last 30 years. Cartesi will allow DApps to be closer to what we experience with regular apps we use every day, making the broader adoption of blockchain a reality.