Hello world.
There’s a new OS

We’ve taken 30 years of software development and given it a new home. To the makers and mavericks, the dreamers and the pioneers, we say welcome.

Enter the new world

Blockchain OS

Cartesi is the first Blockchain OS. It allows developers to build decentralized logic with Linux and standard programming environments preserving the decentralization and security of blockchains. That means moving beyond Solidity and coding smart contracts with rich software tools, libraries, and services developers are used to. All while, free from scalability limits.

Technological Comparison

Ethereum ¹Cartesi Rollups
Runtime environmentEVMLinux VM
LanguagesSolidityAll ²
Development toolsNascent / Immature toolchainAll ²
Smart contact privacyNone (very expensive)Possible (no extra cost)
Computational Throughputx> 10,000x (no fees)
Transaction Throughputxx; > 15x; > 40x ³
Fee costs per txxx; > x/15; x/40; ³ ⁴
SecurityL1 consensusSimilar to L1 consensus

¹ As compared to Ethereum or other blockchain/baselayer used by Cartesi Rollups.
² Consider idiosyncrasies of RISC-V's ISA and the Cartesi Machine.
³ Respectively, for each phase: Cartesi Rollups; CR + Aggregator v1; CR + Aggregator v2.
⁴ Transaction cost only. Computation is for free.

Start building
with Cartesi rollups

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