Scaling Computation.
Shattering EVM Limitations.

Application-specific rollups with a Linux runtime and Ethereum's security guarantees.

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Application-specific rollups with a Linux runtime

Cartesi’s app-specific rollups and Cartesi Machine (VM) that runs Linux distributions: a leap in the DApp design space for cutting-edge developers.

  • Every DApp has its own high-performing rollup app-chain with a dedicated CPU bringing significant gains in computational scalability;

  • No cannibalization of resources from other DApps;

  • Preserving the strong security guarantees and censorship resistance of the underlying blockchain;

  • The Cartesi Machine brings a full fledged operating system capable of importing open source wisdom and bringing industry-grade tooling for developers.

Cartesi Rollups applications can be used as a layer two (i.e on top of Ethereum), as layer three (i.e on top of Arbitrum, Optimism, or ZK-EVM chains) or as sovereign rollups (i.e on top of Celestia). Developers can port their applications from one platform to another with minimal code changes.

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