Cartesi brings real world computations to the blockchain.

Blockchains Need the Real World

Intensive computations are impractical inside the blockchain.

slow Slow restrictive Restrictive expensive Expensive

Off-chain computations cannot be trusted by the blockchain

Welcome to Cartesi

A Linux infrastructure for scalable decentralized applications.

Intensive computations performed off-chain

Complete generality for developers

Consensus efficiently reached on-chain


Real world computations meet the blockchain.

Intensive computations require a realistic platform. Cartesi enables external computations to run on a RISC-V processor under a deterministic Linux operating system. Developers can use all the tools, libraries, and services they are already familiar with.

Portable across multiple blockchains.

Smart contracts running on different blockchains can formulate external computations in the exact same way in the Cartesi Node. This isolates complex computations from the details of specific blockchains, making them portable and providing security, immutability, and a payment system.

Guaranteed consensus.

External computations can be verified externally by all involved parties. Disputes are settled automatically by Cartesi. This requires negligible computation inside the blockchain, regardless of the size of the external computation.

How Cartesi Can Help Change the World

Science Science

Discovering the Unknown.

Outsourced computation will allow for millions of users to lend their idle computing power and help the world of science work towards goals of searching for extraterrestrial life, mapping asteroids, or helping the LHC collide particles.

Logistics Logistics

The Salesman Problem. Thousands of experts.

Dapps built with Cartesi will allow experts and industries to connect and close deals on tasks whose solutions will be paid for if and only if they are algorithmically proven to be correct. Imagine optimizing the use of transports based on packets to deliver, their size and where they have to go. Or shifts in a factory with hundreds of people, rules, and preferences involved.

Finance Finance

Futures and Insurance. The Next Level.

Cartesi applications will be able to to read the contents of multiple blockchains. This will enable smart contracts that depend on the information of other existing smart contracts. The key applications are interoperability between blockchains and services such as futures and insurance markets.

Science Science

Efficient AI, by AI.

A trustless marketplace for AI and computational tasks. With the power of Cartesi’s decentralized automated verification, developers will be able to create services that allow new DApps to outsource and distribute work. These include machine learning, data analysis, or computational intensive tasks that require experts in the field. This would open possibilities for lower cost AI, developed by outsourced experts and bots.

Healthcare Healthcare

Finding the Next Cure.

Cartesi will help healthcare in a countless number of ways. Through folding proteins in search for cures for cancer, computing solutions for new drugs, or even creating neural networks that diagnose diseases.

Gaming Gaming

Truly Own Your Game.

Cartesi's application to oracles will help transform decentralized games. Off-chain verification will make decentralized games a reality and large oracles will allow games to place massive amounts of data directly on the blockchain. Games such as fantasy leagues that rely on large external data will now allow trustless global participation.

The Road to Cartesi

Phase One


Our MVP is a state of the art deterministic VM. It enables smart-contracts to specify complex computations that run off-chain on a Linux OS in a reproducible way.

Phase One


The complete Cartesi Core allows these complex computations to be adjudicated for correctness on the blockchain, at negligible cost, in a safe and decentralized way.

Phase One


Cartesi will publish and maintain an open source SDK for the world to use. Create your own decentralized applications without knowledge of blockchain languages and deploy them to the growing network of Cartesi Nodes.

The Cartesi Team

Erick de Moura
Erick de Moura Chief Executive Officer
Augusto Teixeira, PhD
Augusto Teixeira, PhD Chief Scientific Officer
Diego Nehab, PhD
Diego Nehab, PhD Chief Technology Officer
Colin Steil
Colin Steil Chief Operating Officer
Marco Mirabella
Marco Mirabella Chief Business Development Officer
Kevin Willock
Kevin Willock Head of Security
Felipe Argento
Felipe Argento Blockchain Engineer
Carlo Fragni
Carlo Fragni Software Engineer
Victor Fusco
Victor Fusco Senior Software Engineer
Stephen Chen
Stephen Chen Software Engineer
Serguei Popov, PhD
Serguei Popov, PhD Senior Advisor Co-Founder of IOTA
Stas Oskin
Stas Oskin Senior Advisor Core Dev & Bus Dev of
Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo, PhD
Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo, PhD Co-creator of Lua
programming language
William Bao Bean
William Bao Bean General Partner at SOSV Managing Director at Chinaccelerator Managing Director at MOX
Boris Povod
Boris Povod Co-founder of Wings Co-founder of Cripti
Michael Hwang
Michael Hwang Managing Director, Big Bang Angels Board Member, Across Asia Alliance

Partners & Supporters