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Cartesi Experiment Week Recap

Cartesi Experiment Week Recap

Hackathon/Nov 2, 2023/ SIANNIE QUARTERO

Just a few weeks ago, the Cartesi Foundation hosted a week-long online hackathon for grantees and the broader community to highlight Cartesi and bring several dApp ideas, use cases, improvements, and tooling to life! This was an opportunity for everyone to channel their creativity, individually or in a team, and for one week, solely focus on making their ideas come to life using Cartesi tech. It was a fun challenge for everyone in the community to bring to life the types of ideas and concepts they want to see built!

The week started off with a kick-off call led by the Cartesi Foundation and a workshop hosted by Developer Advocacy. Once the call concluded, the building could begin, and boy did it. In the end, a total of 17 teams submitted their projects.

But of course, we’ll start with the winners! Let’s give a huge congratulations to:

🥇 1st Place: Bugless

A bug bounty program to unite hackers and developers to identify bugs for rewards. Why? There is usually no formal guarantee of fairness - devs might downplay bug severity, get underpaid, or not be paid at all. BugLess aims to tackle that by being a transparent bug bounty system using Cartesi Rollups.

GitHub repo

Team: Eduardo, Francisco, Gabriel, Guilherme

🥈 2nd Place: Cryptopolis

SimCity but make it blockchain - Cryptopolis is bringing the city simulator to the crypto era by running the simulation inside a Cartesi Machine. Cryptopolis’s game economy is backed by a base layer ERC-20 token bridged to L2 to create a city with real economics.

And we weren’t the only ones blown away - Danilo also made it into ETHGlobal Online’s top finalists (his second in a row!) - we can’t stop this powerhouse!

GitHub repo

Team: Danilo

🥉 3rd Place: LambdaDEX

A bare-metal verifiable token trading exchange. Lamda allows to inspect and advance the state of the machine in bare-metal, outside of the machine emulator, while maintaining verifiability.

Github repo

Team: Victor Fusco, Diego Nehab, Marcos Pernambuco, Alex Mikhalevic

The Cartesi Foundation was absolutely blown away by the quality, dedication, and enthusiasm all the teams put into their projects, so let’s dive into the other builds that came out of the experiment week:


Shipped Out

A sandbox war game with fixed laws of physics. Bringing inspiration from tower defence games, such as Mindustry and Screeps, players are given a certain amount of resources and can use these to send robots to fight each other in an arena. Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses and requires various resources to be built.

GitHub repo

Team: Augusto Teixeira

dApp Sharding: Chess

This project addresses the scaling problem, referring to the limit of the amount of computation that a single Cartesi VM can handle. This is a project to showcase the idea of splitting a dApp's computations into different Cartesi Machines to achieve horizontal scaling.

GitHub repo

Team: Milton Jonathon, Claudio Silva, Gustavo Krieger, Victor Yves

Cartesi Werewolf

Who remembers the classic game Werewolf? Cartesi Werewolf is fully decentralized version of the game that runs on Cartesi Rollups, with transparent game logic and deterministic game result. Anyone can validate the game result by running a Cartesi node for it.

GitHub repo

Team: Karmen, Stephen, Zach, Zehui

Arena Mayhem

The Roman Empire of Web3 - an auto battler gladiator arena where you can create and build your own gladiator and set them to fight each other so you can bet on them. You can strengthen your gladiator by adding a weapon and other metrics to ensure your gladiator is victorious.

GitHub repo

Team: João, Payal, Renan, Shaheen

DeFi & Web3 Authenticity


Tribes is the Web3 creator’s economy enabler. It achieves this by addressing the most common creator pain points while enabling an engaging and dynamic relationship with its community. Creators generate a profile and can create an auction with various parameters and the ecosystem users can pre-order content or can purchase it later.

GitHub repo

Team: Bruno Maia, Felipe Grael, Henrique Marlon, Pedro Argento, Emanuele Moraiss


A platform for digitizing your handwritten biometrics. Blockchain technology has the potential to enhance security by digitizing physical signatures, taking advantage of the widespread recognition of handwritten notes as legally binding contracts.

GitHub repo

Team: Jathin


The problem this project addresses is the absence of a secure online signing solution. DocAccord provides several advantages, including secure online signing, an immutable blockchain record, ease of verification, and more.

GitHub repo

Team: Zach Prater, Lawrence, Ephraim


Tuleverage empowers individuals to secure funding for their professional pursuits. It allows investors to pre-commit ETH in exchange for tokenized rights to a share of the individual’s future gross revenue, and the individual who accesses the pool is legally bound to allocate a predetermined percentage of their future revenue to the token holders.

Team: Felipe Argento, Brandon Isaacson

Public Goods

Decentralized Air Quality Index Classifier

A decentralized solution for real-time Air Quality Index (AQI) prediction and its possible real-world applications. The objective is to harness Cartesi Rollups technology, applying this to address environmental health issues to create innovative solutions.

GitHub repo

Team: Marcus


Decentralized FAir Shared Transportation (DFaST) aims to put an end to the unfairness of the ride-share industry, offering transparency, trustless decentralised route calculation, and ZK based reputation system to keep drivers and riders' privacy.

Github repo

Team: Carlo Fragni, Lyno Ferraz, Arthur Vianna, Claudio Marques



What if we put a physics engine on-chain? That’s precisely what Newton is. Physics engines is a software that provides an approximate simulation of physical systems, and as we move into 3D spaces, physics engines are key and therefore a primitive for complex autonomous/digital physics.

GitHub repo

Team: Max Hatesuer, Jesse


An innovative blockchain solution introducing cross-chain Cartesi-powered dApps. LNX harnesses Cartesi’s powers to create Linux runtime dApps on multiple blockchains. Say goodbye to limitations and welcome a new era of accessibility.

GitHub repo

Team: Daniel Ortega, Nico Shishkin, Cynthia Gliga

Cartesi on Bitcoin

Cartesi on Bitcoin is an experiment with the new possibilities of the Taproot Soft-fork of Bitcoin. Using the super fresh (launched in Oct 2023) bitVM, this project tested the possibility of verifying the Cartesi Machine execution on the Bitcoin chain.

GitHub repo

Team: Carsten Munk, Fre, Nyakio

Interactive Rootfs and Testsi

Focused on tooling, interactive rootfs shortens the development cycle, cross compiles RISC-V applications, tests them, and packs them into an ext2 when ready.

GitHub repo 1 / GitHub Repo 2

Team: Gabriel Coutinho, Marcelo Politzer

Hats off to all of you!

Stellar job to everyone involved! Cartesi is lucky to have such passionate community members, and we’re incredibly grateful and proud to have reached this milestone for the Cartesi ecosystem!

The Cartesi Foundation will follow up with several efforts to help them flourish and uphold the momentum, as well as host more hackathons in the future - watch this space…

Want to binge-watch all the presentations? We’ve got you covered with the entire YouTube playlist! We would love to hear from you, whether it’s feedback, comments, or insights regarding your experience and how we can improve it. So please feel free to reach out to us over on Discord.

Let’s do more in Web3 together! 🔥

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