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Diverse Talents, Infinite Possibilities & Running a Successful Web3 Hackathon with Think&Dev

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In this episode, Claudio is joined by Demian, co-founder and CEO of Think & Dev. They're diving into how to run a successful hackathon, moving projects from "just an idea" to the big leagues by onboarding a diverse pool of talents—developers, lawyers, graphic designers, and UX/UI experts—onto the blockchain landscape. Plus, learn why he's in love with Cartesi, its importance for mass adoption and the need for OpenCV libraries and image recognition systems with their recently Cartesi Community Grants funded project.

About Think&Dev

Think&Dev leverages cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and AI to drive innovation. The company actively supports the community and professionals through educational initiatives as they embark on their journey towards their first job within the ecosystem.

Think&Dev believes that challenge is the engine of professional growth, providing continuous learning in a competitive work environment designed to encourage teamwork. They recruit and manage an elite team of blockchain developers, coders, and project managers to optimize and accelerate the development process.

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