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From Airdrops to Adoption: Bootstrapping Web3 Developer Onboarding Across Africa with Web3bridge.

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In this episode, Claudio is joined by Awosika Ayodeji, Blockchain Educator and Founder of Web3bridge. Learn how he went from chasing airdrops to discovering a meaningful role within the web3 ecosystem. Ayodeji chats about his passion for training developers, fostering a community in Africa, and leveraging his background in education to drive blockchain adoption.

Plus, learn more about Cartesi’s collaboration with Web3bridge on their renowned masterclass program! Together, we’re gearing up to train 30 blockchain developers in Lagos in 2024, equipping them with hands-on experience building with Cartesi.

Keen to get involved? While sign-ups for the masterclass have already closed, join us over on Discord and check out the dedicated Africa subchannel for other events to take part in!

About Web3bridge

Web3bridge is a program created in 2019 to train Web3 developers in Africa. They are working on building a sustainable Web3 economy in Africa through remote and onsite Web3 development training, supporting web3 developers and startups, and lowering barriers to entry into the Web3 ecosystem.

Partnering with leading projects across the web3 space (Ethereum, Polygon, Starkware, to name a few), Web3bridge’s masterclasses are among the top in Africa, onboarding new developers to web3.

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