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Cartesi Ecosystem Recap #10

Newsletter/Jun 7, 2024/Siannie Quartero

June 7th - Let’s just say May flew by with all the stuff that’s been happening in the Cartesi ecosystem! From participating in events and hackathons in Brazil, Egypt, Poland, and Africa to various dApps in the Cartesi ecosystem being worked on and soon to be deployed - it’s been an exciting month, to say the least.

And of course, we cannot forget about the recently launched ecosystem map, highlighting the amazing players in the Cartesi ecosystem! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and start with the tech updates first.


Check out the last live dev recap to hear from the units pushing forward on development.

Research & Design


  • Nonodo
    • You can install Nonodo right now!
    • Brunodo - it’s official now.
      • We can think of it as V2 of the Node.
    • Finished Cartesify for Python.
  • Explorer Unit
    • The team that takes care of CartesiScan
      • Deployed new instance of the CartesiScan for Optimism & OP Sepolia network to support upcoming application Bug Buster.
      • Deposit ERC-1155 is available - multi-token
      • WIP: Deploy on Arbitrum and Base (if demand is there)

Don't forget to mark your calendar for our next Monthly Dev Recap Call on Monday, July 1st. Get engaged and connect with core contributors directly on what they’re building.

Ecosystem News

Have you seen the updated ecosystem map? It’s set up in layers with each layer of the Cartesi ecosystem playing a vital role in its growth and vibrancy. The dApp Layer showcases practical applications, the Modular Layer enhances functionality through integrations, the Builder Layer drives innovation and development, and the Community Layer ensures widespread engagement and support. Together, these layers create a dynamic and resilient ecosystem that continues to expand and thrive, and we’re grateful you’re part of it! As more projects and collaborations emerge, the Cartesi ecosystem will only grow stronger, offering exciting opportunities for developers, users, and partners alike!

RIVES has finished their first Game Jam, with builders submitting their RIVES game on It’s impressive what they have managed to build in such a short amount of time!To play these games, download the games’ .sqfs file and load on / That’s not all you’ll hear of RIVES though. Keep up with their shenanigans by joining the RIVES Discord. Interested in building your own ‘’Hello World’’ cartridge? Carlo has you covered with his tutorial thread. Ready to build your first game? Check out the docs.

Attention white hat hackers and bounty hunters! Get your OP Sepolia tokens cause Bug Buster, a trustless bug bounty platform, is getting ready for testnet deployment! With their recent updates adding support for built-in bounties and cross-compiling Solidity to RISC-V, it won’t be long before we can test it out!

The community had great fun with the Drawing dApp developed by Dimitar, bringing out their creative side and making sure this little Cartesi alien is thriving! Not only has this been incredibly fun, it has also served as an excellent testing opportunity for optimizing the dApp further. Through the community’s experience and engagement with the dApp, valuable insights and feedback were gathered to highlight areas of improvement. There has been a commitment to improve the dApp to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable user experience, so stay tuned!

The honeypot dApp has officially passed 500,000 CTSI! The 8 months sweet challenge has been keeping its promise, ensuring the security of Cartesi Rollups to launch new dApps that hold real assets. Check out the honeypot here.

And lastly, 🆙 only!

Curious about other projects in the Cartesi ecosystem? Go to and scroll down to the ecosystem map and click on the project whose updates you’d like to see!


It’s official - DCA.Monster is only going to get better and better! They passed the community vote with flying colors and are ready to start optimizing the platform. You can already test out the current version of DCA.Monster with DCA feature and conditional swaps on Sepolia! Grab yourself some testnet tokens and play around with it.

Meanwhile, the DevAd Seed Grants are moving as well. CartDevKit CLI tooling is being built in the open, so follow Glory to keep updated on her progress! The Prism, a platform to create wearable art, has also uploaded new updates which you can check out in their thread here. CarteZcash developed by Willem is ready for beta-testing as the ETH > CarteZcash bridge is now live!

Want a general overview of what is currently being built with the DevAd Seed Grants? Tadaaa 👇

If you’ve got an idea for a build, check out the Cartesi Grants Program or DevAd Seed Grants and apply for a grant today!


We can always rely on The Rollup to come thru with top-tier content covering interesting and relevant topics in the modular space. Felipe jumped on a live stream with them, together with Sam (Frax), Matt (Caldera), and Jake (Mitosis) to discuss incentive systems and the difference of these between monolithic and modular systems.

Want to get hands-on with the tech and start building your own dApp on Cartesi? Apollo wrote an article on how to get started for anyone who’s interested!

Bitcoin modularity is the new hot topic on these decentralized streets, and Cartesi (especially Carsten) is not shying away from the conversation! The Rollup kicked off Bitcoin & Beyond, where they got together a group of builders from the Bitcoin ecosystem for an interactive educational program that will happen over the next couple of weeks.

Contributoooor Spotlight

This month's spotlight is on Prof. Antonio Rocha, a professor at The Fluminense Federal University, for his dedication and helping hand at the SBC hackathon organized by Prof. Claudio Miceli and Prof. Giovanni Comarela! Not only that, he also developed a web3 Cartesi-based course to help onboard students into web3 and teach them all the necessary background to start exploring blockchain. The inaugural class was a hit, with over 50 students creating more than 20 projects and 13 proof-of-concepts across different sectors and applications such as a decentralized voting system, IoT solutions for water quality, and even a game. The biggest kudos to him for putting this together and leading the frontier of web3 development! Read more on the initiative here.

The honorary spotlight goes to Carlo, who’s not a professor but he could absolutely pass as one!


The students from the SBC Brasil hackathon did not let us down. Congratulations to the Cartesi track winners at the hackathon sponsored by UFF, UFRJ, and UNIRIO! We’re super proud to establish such strong relationships with universities in Brazil, a place close to our hearts, and inspire talented students to explore web3, testing its limits, and exploring innovative use cases. A big thank you to Marcus for hosting a workshop to set these students up for success, and another big thank you to core contributors Bruno, Carlo, Lyno, Arthur, and Irlan for helping the students during the hackathon! Kudos to you all 👏

Zac and Jathin absolutely killed it over in Austin during Consensus2024 with the Cartesi Hacker House with 40+ people attending and 17 founders pitching their project during the Cartesi Demo Days! Check out this thread by Zac to read about all the projects.

Over in Cairo, Egypt, contributors Eslam and Shaheen introduced Cartesi to the AI & Blockchain Community Brunch audience hosted by Arabs in Blockchain and sponsored by Cartesi during the RiseUp Summit. Over in Warsaw, Poland, contributor João spoke at the Next Block Expo about the power of a Linux-based VM and how to unlock the power of Cartesi. Taking it back to Brazil for a second, you could find Bruno at ETHRio where he spoke on a few panels and greeted everyone with a smile (beardless).

To finish this paragraph, over in Kenya, together with Web3Clubs, KibokoDAO, and W3Zetech, contributor Chinonso delivered another fire workshop, teaching the Cartesi stack to developers!

Upcoming Events

Keep posted on where we are and say hi to us when you get the chance by subscribing to our live public events calendar. Also don’t forget to take part in event-related campaigns over on Link3, Galxe, and Zealy!

And there’s more coming as we’re cooking some fresh events for EthCC 👀 Guess you’ll have to keep an eye out on our socials! For an overview of all the finished Cartesi events and calls, head over to our YouTube channel!

🎧 What we’re listening to

🥪 Quick Bites

Check out what else we’ve been enjoying this month from across the ecosystem and beyond:

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