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Catesi Ecosystem Recap #11

Ecosystem/Jul 5, 2024/Siannie Quartero

July 5th - Avail partnership, DevAd podcasts, Experiment Week building, Roundtable Spaces, and more! Things have been cooking here at Cartesi and we’re excited for what’s to come. It’s been a productive month on all fronts, which we’ll all cover in this recap!

But first, let’s dive into the Dev Recap Call updates and see what Cartesi has been up to.

Tech Updates

Check out the last live dev recap to hear from the units pushing forward on development.


  • Experimentation Unit
    • Exploring Linux as a co-processor
      • Co-processor = a stateless offchain system
    • Why is this interesting?
      • Simplifying doing what you can do with Cartesi
      • Register computation to be done by the co-processor
      • No 7-day waiting period
      • Lambada stack as backend
    • The plan?
      • ~July - mainnet small-bond single operator

Don't forget to mark your calendar for our next Monthly Dev Recap Call on Monday, August 5th. Get engaged and connect with core contributors directly on what they’re building.

Ecosystem News

Cartesi announced its partnership with Avail to push the boundaries of the onchain space together. This integration allows developers to harness Cartesi's powerful computational capabilities, Linux-based VM, and versatile programming stack alongside Avail's robust data availability layer. The purpose? Simplifying dApp development, enabling faster, more efficient, and specialized execution with timely access to reliable data for enhanced scalability. Read up on the integration over on the blog post.

BugBuster, a trustless bug bounty platform powered by Cartesi Rollups, is nearing its testnet launch! The recent release of v0.8.0 introduced ERC-20 support, making it even more enticing for white hat hackers and bounty hunters. Get ready to start bug-hunting in a trustless onchain environment soon!

Hot updates from RIVES, the onchain fantasy console built with Cartesi. An overview of what they’ve been shipping:

  • Application optimizations
  • UX improvements
  • New docs landing page
  • Faster load times
  • New tooling
    • Toy sequencer
    • Toy drawing canvas

Remember Nebula Duel? An interactive zero-player game built on Cartesi? Well, it’s now live on Base! Check it out here and try it out here.

The Cartesi Honeypot is thicccc with over 700k CTSI stored, serving as a robust security audit for Cartesi Rollups. This honeypot tests the resilience of Cartesi Rollups—if you can crack it, we'll know to fortify the security. If it remains uncracked, it proves that Cartesi Rollups is secure for holding assets.

Curious about other projects in the Cartesi ecosystem? Go to for an overview of all projects built with Cartesi.


DCA.Monster coming thruuuu with another update - Native Yields Module. This implementation allows native yields for native currencies and ERC30 tokens using Cartesi Rollups, effectively enhancing the capital efficiency and utility for all users of Cartesi’s app-specific rollups. For a full breakdown of why we should be bullish on this, check it out here. Want to give DCA.Monster a try? You can already test out the current version of DCA.Monster with DCA feature and conditional swaps on Sepolia.

Meanwhile, things are being cooked up on the DevAd Seed Grants front. For a quick overview of the projects and their respective updates:

  • Peeps - An onchain social platform on Cartesi
  • Prism - Transform your ideas into wearable art
    • Stable diffusion (generative AI model) compiling inside the Cartesi Machine. Backend testing using Nonodo and Pytest
    • Docs to be released soon
    • Integration between the dApp and frontend is to be finalized soon.
    • For a full list of updates, check out this thread.
  • Tikua - JavaScript framework for backend
    • JS Framework (backend + frontend)
    • Handy frontend functions
  • Greedy Pig - Betting platform for events
    • Uses commit and reveal scheme
    • Handy example framework for random number generation with Cartesi

For an up-to-date overview of all ongoing DevAd Seed Grants projects, check it out here. If you’ve got an idea for a build, check out the Cartesi Grants Program or DevAd Seed Grants and apply for a grant today!


Cartesi Experiment Week #2 has wrapped up with 17 submissions, concluding an exciting week-long online hackathon for grantees and the community to explore the Cartesi stack. The event began with a kick-off call featuring Alysia from Espresso Systems and included a presentation by Ottomorac on PrivadoID (formerly known as Polygon ID), focusing on decentralized identity challenges. It was a crazy week which you can read up on over on the blog.

From this week, some teams have started shipping! Comet and OnChess have launched on the Base Sepolia testnet for the Onchain Summer hackathon. Grab some Sepolia testnet tokens and start playing around - shoot a comet into the onchain space.

Cartesi jumped on the Roundtable Spaces with Bruno and Max talking about what we need to do better in onboarding developers into web3 and how RIVES is using the Cartesi stack. Catch the replay here.

DevAd has recently launched a podcast titled "I Build, Therefore I Am." In this series, João and a fellow DevAd Unit member will engage in conversations with builders who have developed their projects using Cartesi. The podcast covers their journeys into web3, sharing insights and experiences from their time working in web3 and their building with Cartesi. Check out the episodes here.

Contributoooor Spotlight

This month’s spotlight shines brightly on Marcus for his content posted during the Inteli hackathon! Throughout the event, Marcus consistently went above and beyond, engaging with students, capturing the dynamic atmosphere, and recording videos with the students to keep everyone who couldn’t be there informed on what was happening.


The Inteli hackathon has wrapped up! We had an incredible experience at the hackathon. A big thank you to the organizers for hosting us. It’s always so cool to see students bring their A-game in developing dApps using Cartesi. They truly continue to amaze us. To see the highlights and the winners of the Cartesi track, be sure to check out Marcus’ thread.

We’re gearing up for EthCC with a stacked line-up of attending events. Be prepared for EthCC-related content throughout the week and follow our social media active attending Cartesians on socials to keep up!

Bruno for ecosystem chats.

Carsten for big brain tech stuff and sporadic midjourney creations.

Cynthia for all things community.

Erick and Felipe for thought leadership.

João , Gabriel, Helen, for DevAd updates.

Siannie for marketing and randomness.

Max for the vibes.

We’re particularly stoked about Season 2 of our Back to the Future event co-hosted with Espresso check out the stacked line-up of speakers! Plus we’re hyped for the very first Modular Security drinks & debate covering in-depth discussions on topics like fraud-proofs and cross-rollup interoperability, with guests from L2Beat, Bankless, Celestia, OP Labs, Avail, Offchain Labs, Espresso, Scroll, and the Ethereum Foundation.

The panels for the drinks & debate will be live-streamed over on The Defiant, so set your reminder here.

Upcoming Events

Keep posted on where we are and say hi to us when you get the chance by subscribing to our live public events calendar. Also don’t forget to take part in event-related campaigns over on Link3, Galxe, and Zealy!

For an overview of all the finished Cartesi events and calls, head over to our YouTube channel!

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Check out what else we’ve been enjoying this month from across the ecosystem and beyond:

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