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Cartesi Experiment Week #2 Recap

Hackathon/Jun 24, 2024/Siannie Quartero

Cartesi Experiment Week #2 has ended, a week-long online hackathon for grantees and the broader community alike to explore use cases with the Cartesi stack. It served as an invitation for everyone to explore their creativity, individually or in teams, for one week, solely focusing on pushing how far Cartesi tech can go. It was a fun challenge for everyone involved, and we loved seeing all the ideas come to life!

The week started with a kick-off call, where we were joined by Alysia from Espresso Systems to highlight their project. Throughout the week we had Ottomorac do a presentation on PrivadoID (formerly known as Polygon ID), focused on decentralized identity and the issues that come with it.

The experiment week resulted in 17 teams submitting their project. Kudos to everyone who participated, but of course there can only be a few winners. Let’s give a huge congratulations to:

🥇 1st Place: Machine Accelerated Kernels

A solution to perform an inference of an LLM inside the machine emulator by offloading specialized computations to the host CPU.


Team: Eduardo

🥈 2nd Place: Comet

COMET project enables a co-writing platform where anyone can start the co-creation of a shared rhyme, poem, song, or story that can be minted, with profits and/or donations distributed evenly among all contributors.


Team: Shaheen, Bruno, Claudio, Karmen, Cynthia

🥉 3rd Place (draw): Organic Yield Farming & OnChess

Build your own token where minting and burning are governed by a yield/inflation auction.


Team: Pedro

OnChess is an onchain chess game that is played on the Base chain. It is a decentralized application (dApp) built using the Cartesi technology.


Team: Danilo

But there's more to cover! We were incredibly impressed with the wide range of use cases explored, so let’s highlight the other projects too:


Waterfall of RIVES

Proof of concept to add base layer composability for RIVES, and any other Cartesi Rollup DApps using cascades.


Team: Lyno, Max

Love, Linux

We always talk about how Cartesi enables you to use Linux on the blockchain, but now you can date Linux on the blockchain. Onchain Otome game that utilizes an LLM where you can date a loving Penguin named Linux and generate your unique story.


Team: Carsten, João, Siannie


A blockchain-based game that brings the nostalgia of Tamagotchi to the Web3 era. Users can create, care for, and evolve their virtual pets called Blockagotchi. This application uses Cartesi Rollups for its backend, making it a scalable and secure DApp.


Team: Marcus, Osman

Tooling & Infra


Extra functionalities for Nonodo and Cartesi development. It wraps the original binary of Nonodo, taking care of downloading the correct version of the binary for the current platform.


Team: Gabriel


A developer tool designed to serve as a framework for developers to onboard more users into their dApp by implementing gasless transactions (meta transactions on their dApp).


Team: Ariel, Chinonso, Helen, Michae

EIP-4844 "Blobs" DA for Cartesi Rollup

This project aims to create a contract whose sole job is to send input whose payload contains the versioned hashes of all the blobs included in the transactions to applications.


Team: Guilherme

Cartesi Paio

Sequencing transactions made delicious.


Team: Augusto, Gabriel, Jathin

Celestia DA

Infrastructure to allow Cartesi DApps to consume arbitrary data posted to Celestia.


Team: Milton, Fabio

Cartesi & ZK

The goal of this project is to investigate how computations performed on the Cartesi Machine could potentially be verified with the ZK tech.


Team: Alex

DeFi & Web3 Authenticity

The New Bankers

A risk analysis marketplace.


Team: Arthur, Bruno, Carlo, João, Plínio


A tipping platform that enables creators to receive tips from their fans. Creators can share their profiles on social media and easily create a profile frame that they can share on Farcaster and receive tips.


Team: Glory

The Witness

A blockchain-based device data protection system.


Team: Peter, Ilija


This project uses Pose estimation to animate human movements when 2 actors interact with each other. The captured animation is used to create an NFT.


Team: Eric



Connecting traditions with cutting-edge technology.


Team: Samuel, Thiago, Andrei, Marcos, Felipe

Stepped up the social game

The jury also recognizes the effort put in by some projects sharing their building journey throughout the experiment week that they decided to hand out 2 social media prizes. Congratulations team Comet and team Noozzle for winning these!

Huge applause to all of you!

We’re incredibly grateful and proud of our passionate community members and we hope to see these dApps deployed on testnet. A couple of these will be submitted to the Onchain Summer hackathon by Base, so wish those teams luck!

For an overview of all presentations, check out this YouTube playlist. Got any feedback, comments, or insights on your experience and how we can improve it? Please reach out to us on Discord and let us know!

Time to build in Web3. Just do it. 🔥

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