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Introducing Cartesi Experiment Week

Hackathon/Oct 5, 2023/Cartesi Foundation

Cartesi is launching Cartesi Experiment Week! 📣🔥

The Cartesi Foundation is hosting a week-long online hackathon for grantees and the broader community to spotlight Cartesi and bring several tangible dApp ideas, use cases, improvements, and tooling to life.

Dates, Duration and Other Activities

Start Date: Oct 16, 2023
Cartesi Experiment Week will begin with a community call from the Cartesi Foundation and a technical workshop from Developer Advocacy on October 16, 2023, at 13:00 UTC in the Cartesi Discord community.

End Date: Oct 22, 2023

All submissions must be received by 16:00 UTC on October 22, 2023, to be considered valid. Note: the ETHGlobal Online submission deadline is also 4 PM UTC, October 22.

Even if an idea or project didn’t work out, a submission is encouraged to explain any insights gained.

Community Presentation: Oct 23, 2023

All submissions will complete a short community presentation (2 to 4 minutes long) taking place on October 23, 2023 at 13:00 UTC in the Cartesi Discord community.

What can you build?

  • Novel dApp ideas and use cases (highly encouraged!)
  • Innovative Tooling
  • Any Cartesi-centric concepts!

This is an opportunity for everyone to channel their creative energies individually or in a team and focus intensively on generating novel dApp ideas, building impactful use cases, devising innovative tooling, or simply materializing any Cartesi-centric concepts they've been mulling over.

In addition, in a recent survey with Grantees, we also gathered a lot of opinions and insights on how to make Cartesi top of mind. Here is a list of the most mentioned themes which can guide your innovative pursuits:

  • Applications: DeFi, Prediction Market, AI, Shared Economy, Reproducible Builds, Gaming, Social Networks, Metaverse, Legal, and more (13 mentions)
  • Better Tooling: Especially on ease of deployment, but also lambda, dehashing device, and convenience frameworks (9 mentions)
  • Arbitration: Identified as a pivotal aspect (6 mentions)
  • Cartesi Machine Visibility (3 mentions)
  • Integrations: With other protocols/projects (Data Availability) (2 mentions)
  • Number of dApps on Mainnet (2 mentions)
  • VC Support & Community Growth (2 mentions)

Prizes Up for Grabs:

  1. 🥇 $3,000 in CTSI for first place
  2. 🥈 $2,000 in CTSI for second place
  3. 🥉 $1,000 in CTSI for third place

Other prizes may be available at The Cartesi Foundation’s discretion.

*KYC will be required for non-grantees who receive a prize.

Important Reminder: registration for the ETHGlobal online hackathon closes on October 5, 2023, at 11:59 PM EST. If you're looking to tap into the expanded prize pool (over $250,000 available!) and showcase your skills on a larger platform, now's the time to register. Don't miss out!

Rules & Guidelines

Participants must submit their emails, names, the project name, a short description of it, and the presentation they will use for the community. If applicable, you can also include your project's GitHub repo.

You are free to be creative however, your submission must be related to Cartesi technology.

For those also submitting to the ETHGlobal Online Hackathon, please see their rules and guidelines here.

It's important to emphasize that this hackathon is about collaboration, not competition. We genuinely hope and expect everyone to work together, assisting and uplifting each other. Remember, the goal isn't necessarily to tackle the hardest problems but to address the most impactful ones. Often, the most significant changes come from straightforward solutions. Let's work smart and make a real impact!

Submission & Presentation

Please submit your hackathon project by October 22, 2023, 16:00 UTC to the following form:

A short 2-4 minute presentation will be done over a community call on October 23, 2023 at 13:00 UTC in the Cartesi Discord community. It can be in a form of your choice, but basic slides are required, and a demo of your project is highly desirable!

ETHGlobal Online project submission is done via the Hacker Dashboard and requires a video submission of your presentation.

Judging Criteria

The judging criteria will be similar to ETHGlobal's to align them well:

  1. Technicality: How impactful or important is the problem that the project is trying to solve? How does the solution solve it?
  2. Originality: How original is the project?
  3. Practicality: How practical is the project?
  4. Usability (UI/UX/DX): Is/would the project be easy to use? Could it be improved to remove friction for the user?
  5. WOW Factor and Community Impact: How big of an impact does the project make on the Cartesi and wider blockchain ecosystem?

Submissions will be judged for prizes by the following panel:

  1. Felipe Argento - Cartesi Foundation
  2. Erick de Moura - Cartesi Foundation
  3. Colin Steil - Cartesi Foundation
  4. Brandon Isaacson - Cartesi Foundation
  5. Payal Patel - Developer Advocacy Grantee Unit


We are extremely excited to bring Cartesi top of mind and can’t wait to see the ideas, use cases, and improvements that are revealed during this experiment week!

If participants have any questions, need any guidance, or support of any kind, please head to the #ideas & use-cases channel in the Cartesi Discord community.

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