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Cartesi Ecosystem Recap #7

Newsletter/Mar 15, 2024/Siannie Quartero

March 15th - As opposed to the longwinded month of January, February flew by with lots happening on the Cartesi front. We joined the craziness together with Espresso, Celestia, Rives & WASD at ETHDenver.

Meanwhile, things haven’t slowed down after the Masterclass in Nigeria. Events in Nigeria continued in February and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome new talented developers into the Cartesi ecosystem!

The Honeypot is close to hitting $100,000 USD and Sunodo added a new utility to the CTSI token! But more on that later. Let’s dive into it all in another ecosystem recap 🔥


Check out the last live dev recap to hear from the units pushing forward on development:

Research & Design


  • Hypervisor
    • Allows for running virtual machines.
      • Enables you to do sandbox issues.
  • Rollups Contracts
  • Rollups Explorer
    • CartesiScan - improved interoperability with Sunodo apps.
  • Sunodo - a framework for developing decentralized applications built on top of Cartesi technology.
    • Learn more about Sunodo over on its website.
    • Check out the documentation here.
    • Transition from Sunodo CLI > Cartesi CLI
    • Sunodo Marketplace > Cartesi Marketplace > Cartesi Network for application deployment.
  • App Experimentation Unit
    • Rives - New look! Check it out here.
    • New features
      • Minting an NFT with the score you got.
      • Prototype: Cartridge-swap - a marketplace for Rives.
      • Prototype: Made it - achievement system.
    • Join the Rives Discord and get active in the Rives community!
  • Compute Unit

Be part of the conversation by joining us over on Discord and check out the core-units-update channel!

Also be sure to set a reminder for the next Monthly Dev Recap Call, on Monday, April 1st (no it’s not an April Fool's joke). Get involved and make our core contributors sweat with your challenging questions about Cartesi tech!

Ecosystem News

New utility for CTSI incoming! Sunodo has been tirelessly building open-source tooling for the effortless creation and deployment of Cartesi dApps. As the first professional validator service for Cartesi dApps, Sunodo is working on two new exciting commitments to the Cartesi ecosystem: a new utility for CTSI token & a % of revenue from validation service will be cycled back into the Cartesi ecosystem!

Signups for the #RollupWithCartesi hackathon hosted by the DevAd unit are coming in, with over 250 hackers signed up! The hackathon is a week-long journey from March 18th to the 24th to explore, innovate, and contribute to the evolution of Web3 using Cartesi tech. You can still sign up to participate here.

The Cartesi dApp Developer Udemy Course is now live! You can learn how to build complex and scalable dApps with mainstream software development languages and tools, all from the comfort of your own home. Kudos to DevAd for bringing this opportunity to developers all over the world!

Dazzle wrapped up their QuestN campaign where they handed out 100 of their Dazzle OG badges. Were you one of the lucky ones? You can join the Dazzle Discord for more updates and news on the next steps of Dazzle.

Curious about other projects in the Cartesi ecosystem? Follow their socials to get updates firsthand: Ultrachess, Productive, Aetheras, Dazzle, UXBoost, Rives.

Cartesi Grants Program

Not one, but two projects finished their CGP projects last month! The Calindra team finished Drand Tooling on Cartesi, effectively creating a tool for generating random numbers on Cartesi’s convenience layer. This creates a framework for Cartesi that will make it easy for Web3 devs to create dApps with Cartesi! As random numbers are an essential part of many dApps, especially games, this provides immense value for dApp creation within the Cartesi ecosystem. You can read more about their project here, or check out their GitHub.

DCA.Monster has also completed his CGP project, an AMM leveraging ERC20 streams for granular, efficient on-chain DCA. DCA Monster utilizes Cartesi Rollups by leveraging its capability to handle thousands of streams, enabling efficient off-chain computation of balances for users, the AMM, and liquidity pools. Check out their GitHub and be sure to follow them on socials!

And in line with finished projects, Grants Steward Hellen jumped on a Spaces together with ThinkandDev to chat about their finished project Whistleblower!

You don’t have to be a developer to be part of the CGP - voters are just as important! Take part in Cartesi’s governance by staking your CTSI to exercise your voting rights for the next round of CGP proposals. This tutorial will have you staking in no time.

You can still submit your CGP proposal! If you need some help, here’s a checklist you can follow to make sure your proposal hits a slam dunk.

Stay in the loop about what else is being built on Cartesi by peeping the #✨spotlight channel over on Discord where project submissions are continuously added!


We’re pumped to see people diving into Cartesi tech and creating breakdowns to help others understand it - which, let’s be honest, is not an easy feat. Safe to say Nairolf smashed it with his explanation of Cartesi in very simple terms.

The Telegram has had some new additions in the form of stickers thanks to one of our amazing community members. Time to hype up the TG chat with these new epic visuals. Are you someone who loves to design things? Reach out to us and see how you can contribute to the growth of Cartesi 🔥

Contributoooor Spotlight

Technically, yes, these recaps are written by marketing. But because it’s just me (Siannie) writing these, I feel like I can give a contributor spotlight to the two other marketing unit members Karmen & Cynthia! They don’t give themselves enough credit, so that’s why I’m taking the initiative to do it 😊
Karmen has been non-stop, from communicating back and forth with our various partners to making sure we’re all aligned, she more than deserves a spotlight for the efforts that she puts into her contribution at Cartesi. And that also counts for Cynthia, managing ambassadors in various parts of the world assisting them in hosting workshops and events, and being available on Telegram and Reddit to answer community questions. Safe to say these two women are incredible and I’m very lucky to be working with them.

But more people deserve the spotlight this month. Diego doesn’t tend to make public appearances, but when he does he delivers knowledge beyond belief. Kudos to you too!

And lastly, a big kudos and thank you to the core contributors at ETHDenver who made the experience so enjoyable. You all worked tirelessly, running from event to event, even while building your dApps! You guys are incredible for keeping up with it all and I’m in awe of you all. Especially Carsten, who almost didn’t survive the altitude but he made it out alive while alsspeaking at various events! A big kudos to João for speaking at multiple events too and helping builders out wherever he could, and I’d like to hand one to Zach as well for providing support wherever needed despite managing several hackathon teams! On a more serious note, it’s exciting to hear people talk about Cartesi and recognize the project. That’s all a testament to this incredible group of people, both at ETHDenver and behind the scenes.


Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, which was the hectic two weeks of ETHDenver. Cartesians ran all around the city, connecting with the community and building at the hackathon. So much happened that this event has its own blog post, which you can check over here. But a quick recap is that we had two teams, VeriFido & Bubblewars who used Cartesi tech make it to the ETHDenver Finalist stage! Hope that teased you enough to read the other blog post.

Max did it again with another GBCC. In session #10, we were joined by Teddy from Aetheras for an AMA all about Dazzle and his experience moving from a traditional game developer background to the dynamic world that is Web3. In case you missed it, catch the replay here.

Zach also kept busy, hosting a meetup event in Houston Texas together with HTownDAO.

Big kudos to Glory for this amazing event to help developers get familiar with Cartesi in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria! Thank you for bringing together an incredible community of talented builders.

And to celebrate more powerful women, check out this developer's workshop with the Web3ladies.

Upcoming Events

Run around with us and keep up to date on where Cartesi will go next by subscribing to our live public events calendar, and take part in event-related campaigns over on Link3, Galxe, and Zealy!

For an overview of all recorded Cartesi events and calls, check out our YouTube channel, where you’ll find all of these and more. More meaning, some silly skits from time to time.

🎧 What we’re listening to

🥪 Quick Bites

Check out what else we’ve been enjoying this month from across the ecosystem and beyond:

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