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Cartesi’s ETHDenver 2024 Recap

Hackathon/Mar 8, 2024/Siannie Quartero

Of course, we wouldn’t miss the largest Web3 #BUIDLathon for the world! With Cartesi picking up momentum within the rising narrative of altVMs and app chains, we had to make sure to immerse ourselves in the conversations surrounding these topics. And so with our swag stuffed in our suitcases, onto the high altitude of Denver we went.


A little about #BUIDLWEEK, the event spans six days and is packed with technical presentations, bounty-oriented workshops, and mini-summits for those passionate about building a decentralized future. In summary, there’s plenty to do at the venue, and Cartesians were not about to sit on their asses.

There were a couple of teams using Cartesi tech for their ETHDenver build. Let’s go through them real quick:

An expressive no-code governance platform for digital communities.
👷: Brandon, Felipe, Pedro, Gabriel

An additional security layer for indexers.
👷: Danilo, Carsten, Milton, Bruno
Hear more about their project from Bruno himself!

The World Arcade: own cartridges, prove scores, and contribute with infinite creativity.
👷: Max, Carlo, Lyno, Eduardo, Arthur, Felipe

Bubble Wars
A fully on-chain physics-based MMO, where ETH is mass and momentum is conserved.
👷: Kavin & Jesse

Cartesi Werewolf
A verifiable version of the classic Werewolf game.

Huge congratulations to both VeriFido and Bubble Wars for making it to the finalists' spot of ETHDenver 2024! 🤩

VeriFido managed to snatch a spot on the Infrastructure & Scalability track: https://devfolio.co/projects/indy-780a
Demo: https://verifido-demo.vercel.app/
GitHub: https://github.com/stskeeps/ethdenver2024

& Bubble Wars claimed a spot on the DeFi, Gaming & NFTs track: https://devfolio.co/projects/bubblewarsio-6121
Demo: http://dev.bubblewars.io/
GitHub: https://github.com/BubbleWars/app

Watch both of their presentations here:

But that’s not all…

At this point, everyone knows that it’s the side events at ETHDenver that have everyone running around from venue to venue - we were no exception to that. Here’s a speedrun through the events schedule of Cartesians at ETHDenver:

📍 Avail HOT TAKE Series
Carsten took on the panel to share his insights on the Appchains & Frameworks panel alongside Paima Studios, ZKCross & Kakarot zkEVM

📍 Celestia, Goldsky & Dora - Modular Acceleration
Core contributors João, Carlo, Bruno, Max, and Carsten we’re around for office hours at the Cartesi booth where we also booted up Rives for people to play!

📍 Fuel & Stratos - Execution Day
Lightning talks, presentations, panels, and spicy debates with leaders from top VM projects such as Aztec, EigenLayer, and Movement Labs, and where João repped Cartesi in a presentation highlighting the dev journey at Cartesi and jumped on a together with Polygon Miden, RiscZero and Fuel Labs.

📍 Brazil Roundtable Onsite
Bruno jumped on a roundtable together with FuseCapital and Tanssi Network
Watch the full conversation here.

📍 Espresso, Electric Capital & Blockworks - Beyond the Base Layer
An event focused on apps we can build on top of L2 infrastructure with two talks from two epic core contributors Carsten & João.

📍 Cartesi & Espresso - Back to the Future
An evening full of panels and networking with a cocktail in hand. Carsten started the event off strong with his presentation on a new narrative namely ‘’from World Computer to World Cloud’’, diving into building a world cloud around the Ethereum world computer.

Moving onto panel where we had one of our two favorite penguins Andy from The Rollup moderate the Ethereum 2033 panel with Carsten, Brian (RiscZero), and Ben, where the future of Ethereum was discussed and how we can get there. Then we got cozy with an AltVM fireside & Q&A with Ellie, Dino (Fluent), Krinza, and our very own Felipe, moderated by Ian.

Thank you to everyone who showed up to our Back to the Future cocktail night that we hosted together with the Espresso team! It was also lovely to finally meet the people behind the sequencer.

The evening was filled with insightful talks on the future of the EVM and how we can expand its limits. Plus, it was amazing to see everyone grabbing a drink, having a good time, and networking with one another! In case you missed it, here’s a little impression video of the evening.

📍 Cartesi, Rives & WASD - Onchain Arcade
Where we played Web3 games, ate pizza, grabbed a beer, and had an overall great time connecting with many other game devs & gamers in the space!

And also a big thanks to everyone who showed up to the Onchain Arcade! We had the honor of having it hosted at LocalHost in Denver, an internet cafe where some of the world's biggest esports tournaments are held such as CSGO and even the worlds of Wild Rift! We had the entire venue all to ourselves, with pizza and drinks at the ready. We loved seeing people play the cartridges on Rives.

And of course, let’s give a shoutout to the winner of the Nintendo Switch. Congratulations Felix on winning with the highest score! Hope you enjoy your new gaming console 🎮

Feeling FOMO about having missed out on trying out Rives? You can play it from the comfort of your own home! Just head on over to https://rives.io/cartridges and start playing.

Ending it with…

A massive shoutout to all the core contributors and projects that we collaborated with to make this ETHDenver 2024 run a banger! And thank you to the community for supporting us wherever we go and following along with our antics on social media! We’re already looking forward to ETHDenver 2025, as we’re sure it’ll be even more epic.

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