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Shining a spotlight on all the ETHGlobal winners who’ve built with Cartesi over the past year.

Cartesi’s ETHGlobal 2023 Recap

Hackathon/Dec 7, 2023/SIANNIE QUARTERO

As we’re slowly saying our goodbyes to 2023, it’s the perfect time to reflect and take a journey through the remarkable achievements of the Cartesi ETHGlobal winners throughout the year! Looking back to this past year, we proudly recognize the talented builders who secured prizes in the Cartesi track. But what’s even more special is the presence of an ETHGlobal hackathon finalist in all five editions of the hackathon we engaged in. From thousands of hackers, it was a joy to join in on the celebration as builders took center stage, showcasing their projects brought to life with Cartesi tech.

To avoid this blog post becoming too lengthy, let’s do a little speedrun of all the winners, starting off in the sunny city of Lisbon.

ETHGlobal Lisbon

ETHGlobal Lisbon left a lasting impression, marking a significant milestone for Cartesi as the first instance where a developer who built using Cartesi secured a spot among the top 10 finalists - setting the mark high for the upcoming hackathons! But let’s start off with the Cartesi track winners of ETHGlobal Lisbon.

🥇 Cartenix - A proof of concept allowing for running Nix builds inside the Cartesi VM, leveraging the Nix reproducible build system.

🎖️ COBE - An order book exchange that allows inputs from Ethereum, but makes the computation off-chain trustless via Cartesi Rollups.

🎖️ChainGPT - Decentralized & verifiable chat AI, backed by the blockchain: a port of Alpaca LLM model leveraging Cartesi Rollups.

💫 And as foreshadowed, ChainGPT made it to the top 10 finalists of ETHGlobal Lisbon! The first time a Cartesi-built project has made it onto the stage. If you’re curious to know more about Deanna, her journey into Web3 coming from a Web2 field, and more about ChainGPT, you can check out this article by Decential where she explains it all.

After enjoying the sun in Lisbon, we headed off to the contrasting rain in Paris.

ETHGlobal Paris

ETHGlobal Paris will always have a soft spot in our hearts, as this hackathon was the first debut of the Cartesi rebrand in the flesh! Plus, between enjoying a couple of pastries or two, ETHGlobal Paris continued the trend of Cartesi hitting the main stage! Let’s see the winners of this hackathon.

🥇DCA.Monster - A novel AMM leveraging ERC20 streams for granular, efficient onchain DCA.

🥈Bravo - The boys from Cartenix came back to secure another spot among the winners with Bravo, an arbitrary Cartesi composability code execution library.

🎖️Metamorphic DAO - A new DAO framework where all the execution logic of DAO is malleable through governance processes, allowing continuous evolution of the DAO runtime logic.

🎖️Hedgehog Protocol - A DeFi protocol that hedges against the inherent impermanent loss of Uniswap liquidity pools using NFTs.

💫 That’s not all! Another team that built on Cartesi made it to the top 10 finalists on ETHGlobal Paris with their project VoiceSense - harnessing the power of AI voice recognition to make Web3 more inclusive and accessible for everyone.

Despite winning the Cartesi track at ETHGlobal Paris, DCA. Monster didn’t stop there. Pablo is currently working on bringing the project to life with the help of the Cartesi Community Grants Program. Follow DCA. Monster on socials to stay up to date!

And then, with our lack of sleep, we went to where the city never sleeps anyway - ETHGlobal New York.

ETHGlobal New York

After setting the standard high (again) in Paris, we stepped onto the bustling streets of New York City for the hackathon. Needless to say, this resulted in another group of builders rocking the Cartesi track.

🥇Teach AI - Using Cartesi to enable users to submit instructions and queries to an AI chat interface.

🥈Godot Onchain - Validating leaderboard submissions in single-player, arcade-style games using Cartesi.

🎖️DeML - Using Cartesi and blockchain tech to create a world where people can contribute to training a global machine learning model using their data locally.

🎖️Scam Likely - Inspired by phone providers flagging scam calls, it uses Cartesi to write a Python script that checks an EVM address and flags malicious addresses.

💫 And let’s give an honorable mention to 4 core contributors Felipe, Danilo, Zach, and Eduardo for securing yet another ETHGlobal top 10 finalist spot with their project DOOM Arena - introducing a novel approach to hosting gaming contests using blockchain.

And last, from the city of bright lights, we moved to our final destination of the year - ETHGlobal Istanbul.

ETHGlobal Online

As a bonus, some of the core contributors decided to participate in the ETHGlobal Online hackathon, and Danilo came out victorious with his project Cryptopolis - a city simulator but with real economics!

ETHGlobal Istanbul

The last ETHGlobal stop of the year took us to Istanbul, where we had our hands full with Devconnect and the hackathon. And the winners of the Cartesi track were…

🥇 - An innovative marketplace harnessing the power of Cartesi, enabling users to transform their voice into unique NFTs and generate text-to-speech content using AI.

🥈Protocol GPT - A blockchain-integrated, tailor-made GPT specific to your protocol by leveraging the Cartesi VM.

🎖️ - Using Cartesi, they tackle cross-chain voting challenges.

🎖️ChainedHabits - An on-chain platform built on Cartesi, designed to enhance accountability by encouraging you to adhere to your habits.

💫 also made it to the top 10 finalists of ETHGlobal Istanbul! And that’s not the only Cartesi-built project on the finalists' list.

A huge thank you…

to all the builders experimenting with Cartesi tech and testing its possibilities and limits. It’s because of you that we’re able to keep improving and upgrading our efforts. 2023 has been an ETHGlobal blast! We hope you stick around for 2024, where a new set of events and initiatives will take place, aiming to take Cartesi to new heights 🚀.

Want to see it for yourself? Subscribe to our dynamic calendar to see where Cartesi will show up next.

Want to see more about all the projects that were built with Cartesi? Check out our What Are You BUIDLing playlist over on Youtube!

To anyone who’s eager to build but doesn’t want to wait for another hackathon, check out our grants, CGP, DevAd Seed Grants, and docs to get started.

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