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ETHGlobal Paris 2023 Cartesi Recap

ETHGlobal Paris 2023 Cartesi Recap

Hackathon/Jul 27, 2023/Siannie Quartero

And off we were, on our way to enjoy the vibrant city of Paris for another ETHGlobal hackathon! We were thrilled to make our mark at the highly anticipated hackathon, full of some of the brightest minds and innovative developers of Web3.

Connecting with the vibrant Web3 community in Paris during ETHCC

Having experienced the bonds we managed to create at Lisbon, we knew we had to replicate this in Paris. As the hackathon approached, we made sure to build enduring connections within the vast Web3 community in Paris. This only meant one thing - fostering these relationships by taking an active role in organizing and participating in a series of engaging side events.

The energy at ETHCC was unmatched with so many crypto/blockchain enthusiasts and developers to connect with! It was also very exciting to hear the increased popularity of app-specific rollups this time around, a topic that’s close to our hearts and what we’ve been building!

We teamed up again with Epic Web3, for another Epic L2 Day: an exclusive one-day technical event tailored to Ethereum L2 Scaling for builders. Among the highlights of the day were Core Contributor Claudio’s hosting skills, who made sure to keep the audience engaged, and Gabriel, who captivated the audience with his insightful workshop on Cartesi tech! We truly had a blast and cannot wait for the next one 😉. But in case you can’t wait, catch the replay here. P.S. peep Gabriel Jobs.

Continuing with our aim to support students - the developers of the future - we hosted two workshops (online and offline) together with Kryptosphere Student Association. Our goal? For the audience to discover the possibilities of app-specific rollups and their potential. The workshop definitely got them up to speed on using Cartesi. Plus, they were the first ones to be able to receive a piece of the new branding in the form of refreshed SWAG!

Concluding the prelude to the hackathon, together with Nec Mergitur we hosted a Web3 Meetup to meet even more developers! Core Contributors Bruno, Max, Gabriel and Claudio were present to foster connections and engage in discussions about Cartesi's contributions to scalability and user-friendly development. With a focus on maintaining security guarantees of the underlying chain, Cartesi is driving the future of blockchain technology to empower both developers and users alike!

And what’s a week filled with events without ending it with a brunch?

Interested in knowing what was discussed? Luckily Core Contributor Felipe let us in on what was conversed about during the L2Beat Governance Brunch - all in one simple Twitter thread for your convenience!

A refreshed Cartesi

Finally, after a long time in the works, we were finally able to flaunt our new branding! Starting with a fresh booth in the new colors!

And of course, with new branding comes new SWAG.

Recharging the ETHGlobal Community

We can’t forget the Recharge Station, of course! To create a relaxing haven for all dedicated builders during the intense days of the ETHGlobal hackathon, we had three massage therapists on standby, ready to put an end to the builders’ tense muscles and high stress levels.

And to enhance the atmosphere of relaxation, we offered Cartesi detox teas to the builders, providing them with a soothing and revitalizing experience to complement their now loose muscles.

DOOM on the Cartesi Machine

In case hackers needed something more engaging, how about a game of DOOM? During the ETHGlobal hackathon, we invited hackers to play DOOM at our booth, with each player receiving a POAP to commemorate their high (or low) scores)!

P.S. Learn more about why everyone’s losing their mind about DOOM with this handy thread from Cartesi co-founder, Erick.

And so, the #BUIDLing with Cartesi begins

Let’s start with a huge shoutout to our amazing Core Contributors: Arthur, Felipe, Claudio, Gabriel and Max! They really went the extra mile, providing top-notch tech support and attention to detail, helping the hackers deliver some seriously impressive projects to the Ethereum ecosystem. Hats off to you all!

A special kudos to Gabriel for his workshop ‘Make it rain billions/tx on a Linux VM’ where he shared all you need to start writing Python DApps on a Linux Runtime instead of dealing with the complexity of Solidity!
Starts 3:10:40

And another special kudos to tiny mic guy Claudio! Who really came through, chasing all these builders who were #BUIDLing amazing projects with Cartesi for our #BUIDLwithCartesi series! It was such a joy editing these - in case you missed them, you can rewatch them here:

And finally..

Time to highlight our champions!

Congratulations on our first place winner: 🥇DCA Monster

DCA.Monster is a novel AMM leveraging ERC20 streams for granular, efficient on-chain DCA. Combining Uniswap V2's power with Token Streaming, we're enabling "Infinite Granularity DCA" and a more dynamic DCA experience. Making advanced on-chain DCA.

Check it out here:

Oh, and Claudio managed to catch up with him after winning! Here’s what he had to say:

Congratulations to our second place winner: 🥈 Bravo

Bravo (ACE) => Arbitrary Cartesi composability code Execution library.
Take a look here:

Congratulations to our shared pool winners: 🏅
Metamorphic DAO - A new DAO framework where all the execution logic of DAO is malleable through governance processes, allowing continuous evolution of the DAO runtime logic. Check it out here:

HedgeHog Protocol - A DeFi protocol that hedges against the inherent impermanent loss of Uniswap liquidity pools using NFTs. More on it here:

Honorable mention
A huge shout out to the incredible duo, Core Contributors Daniel and Nico, for securing a spot in ETHGlobal’s Top 10 with their outstanding project: VoiceSense! By harnessing the power of AI voice recognition, they are taking Web3 to new heights, making it more inclusive and accessible for everyone. Check it out here:

Want to hear it from them? Watch them on stage at the closing ceremony:

And just like that, we wrap up another phenomenal hackathon with ETHGlobal! It’s so invigorating to see people getting excited about what Cartesi tech has to offer!

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to each and every participant who poured their talent, dedication, and innovative spirit into this event. We also hope Cartesi helped in making it a little bit easier by providing some relaxation throughout the hackathon. We were blown away by the incredible projects built with Cartesi tech but also the array of fascinating ideas that are enriching the vibrant Ethereum ecosystem.

Next on the list 📍ETHGlobal New York. We hope to see you in the city that never sleeps, cause neither will we!

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