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Cartesi Ecosystem Recap #8

Newsletter/Apr 12, 2024/Siannie Quartero

April 12th - Let’s dive straight into the happenings of the past month, starting with wrapping up the #RollupWithCartesi hackathon! Congratulations to everyone who managed to score a prize, but also to everyone who participated. More on this later 🥳

From Ukraine, Brazil, Nigeria, Korea, and Turkey, we hosted Cartesi Day far and wide in preparation for the hackathon. Thank you to our amazing regional ambassadors!

We also celebrated the Honeypot’s 6 month birthday! Happy birthday to the sweetest security challenge of Cartesi Rollups. 🎂

And there’s so much more! But let’s dive into the tech updates first.


Check out the last live dev recap to hear from the units pushing forward on development.

Research & Design


  • Convenience & Tooling Unit
    • Cartesi Store
      • Exploring use cases to discover missing functionalities.
        • Aim to give devs the best dev experience.
    • Cartesify
      • Framework to develop using a REST-like approach.
  • Sunodo - a framework for developing decentralized applications built on top of Cartesi technology.
    • Learn more about Sunodo over on its website.
    • Check out the documentation here.
    • Sunodo 0.11 released.
      • Supports Cartesi Rollups 1.3.0
      • Deploy for self-hosting!
      • Find the guide for self-hosting here.
    • Scaling backend
    • Preparing to onboard game devs - WIP
      • Reducing dependencies & creating conveniences.
      • Documenting SDK.
    • Evolving convenience layers.
      • CartesApp
      • Cartesi-client
    • Join the Rives Discord and get active in the Rives community!
  • Compute Unit
    • 💃 Cartesi Lambada - come and participate in the discussion over in the Technical Vision Forum. Lambada is a technological stack designed to provide an alternate means for people to adopt the Cartesi technology.
      • Change to sequencer-focused Celestia integration.
      • Experimenting with spawn-join primitives & proto-machine stack.
      • Update to pre-0.17 Machine Emulator and CMIO.
      • You can find more links over on Discord in #cartesi-compute.

Join us on Discord to be part of the conversation and explore the core-units-update channel to follow all the tech updates!

Don't forget to mark your calendar for our next Monthly Dev Recap Call on Monday, May 6th. Get engaged and connect with core contributors directly on what they’re building.

Ecosystem News

Exciting news on the Bugless front! Bugless, a trustless bug bounty platform powered by Cartesi Rollups, has been submitted to L2Beat, a platform dedicated to offering insights into L2 and L3 projects. As they’re gearing up for deployment on Optimism leveraging Cartesi tech, Bugless is poised to make its mark in the wider web3 ecosystem.

Dazzle wrapped up their QuestN campaign! Were you one of the lucky ones to score a Dazzle OG badge? They also started their new Intract Campaign so you should totally check them out on socials to get involved!

Curious about other projects in the Cartesi ecosystem? Follow their socials to get updates firsthand: Ultrachess, Productive, Aetheras, Dazzle, UXBoost, RIVES.

Cartesi Grants Program

The inaugural CGP Wave 1 vote is officially on Snapshot! Fastlane, a fully on-chain, infinitely expanding game built on Cartesi, has hit the voting stage, and now it's your turn to make your voices heard. It's time to cast those votes and help shape the future of the Cartesi ecosystem. Cast your vote here.
You will need staked CTSI to vote, but no worries! We’ve got you covered with a quick tutorial.

Already staked? Head on over to Galxe to complete the tasks and mint your celebratory OAT! We’re still accepting CGP proposals for Wave 1, so if you have an idea you want to start working on, why wait? Submit your CGP proposal!


A massive congratulations to the #RollupWithCartesi Hackathon winners! It’s always so exciting to see builders get their hands on Cartesi tech and just go ham with it. We were blown away by the projects that came from this hackathon, and we wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without this amazing community and its incredible builders. Kudos to every single one of you!

A big applause to the 1st place winner, CarteZCash! If you’re curious to read more on this project and how he managed to build it, lucky for us Willem wrote an entire thread on it!

And of course, we wanted to get the community involved in this process too, so we set up a poll for everyone to vote for their favorite project. Congratulations to Ultimate Football for being the crowd’s favorite!

As Modular March kicked off, we're truly grateful for the shoutouts and mentions in overview posts from others. We’re excited to be recognized and included in the community's discussions, from The Rollup to 0xNairolf.

Felipe marched on in modularity on The Rollup’s Modular March Ep 4, where they discussed the cone of innovation, a model developed by Cartesi showcasing the intricate relationship between computational capacity and data availability.

Carsten had a chat with Daria Strategy, discussing the Cartesi VM, the challenges of L2 networks, what this means for the next bull run, and what Web3 means for humanity.

Two board members on a Spaces? We love to see it. Erick and Felipe jumped on with Bankless where they chatted about Cartesi, what Cartesi allows for Web3 developers, and discussed how you can get involved through the CGP. Have a listen here.

Wrapping up a hackathon comes with a set of insights that Shaheen was more than happy to share with Human from Web3! Check out the AMA where he discussed the importance of hackathons in Web3 and how it can encourage creativity in building the next wave of dApps.

Good news for those who contributed or will contribute to Cartesi’s core infrastructure repositories! We’ve updated our GitPOAP so you can claim a fresh one for 2024.

Max (or Mux lol) joined the Satoshi Club spaces where he chatted about onchain gaming and how Cartesi pushes the boundaries for Web3 gaming. You can have a listen here.

Amazing to see projects making use of Cartesi’s funding! BlockTicket secured themselves a DevAd Seed Grant. We can’t wait to see the final result.

And to end this paragraph on a banger, leave it to Max to create god-tier memes.

Want in on the meme fun? We just kicked off a Reddit meme contest so bring your most sarcastic degen self! Are you not so much about the memes but still want to get involved? We have added new Zealy quests with merch prizes and Galxe campaign OATs up for grabs for all you questers out there 🗝️

Contributoooor Spotlight

This month's contributor spotlight shines on the entire DevAd unit (Marcus, João, Shaheen, Michael, Payal, Gabriel, Jathin, Hellen, and Henrique) for their outstanding efforts in wrapping up the #RollupWithCartesi hackathon! From providing invaluable support to developers, crafting top-tier content (complete with some mid singing), hosting informative workshops, and guiding developers through the dApp development process, you deserve all the kudos for your dedication and hard work. Hats off to the entire team for their contributions!


As highlighted before, Cartesi Day transcended borders as our regional ambassadors took charge of hosting events in their respective countries. Let’s shine the spotlight on a couple of them:

We love seeing these images of the Cartesi community in Nigeria!

Cultura C3 together with ThinkandDev hosted the workshop in Argentina.

And we said hello to the students at Lviv Polytechnic University in Ukraine.

In the US, Zac helped out the students at SMU’s HackTheChain hackathon which Cartesi helped sponsor. With over 200 hackers joining the event, you bet he was busy running around.

Over in Asia, Cartesi teamed up with Liquify for a networking side event at ETHTaipei. If you were lucky enough, you could run into core contributors and Taipei locals Karmen, Colin, and Erick.

Upcoming Events

Run around with us and keep up to date on where Cartesi will go next by subscribing to our live public events calendar, and take part in event-related campaigns over on Link3, Galxe, and Zealy!

To catch up on all the Cartesi events and calls, head over to our YouTube channel! There, you'll find recordings of everything, plus some extra fun content - including the occasional silly skit!

🎧 What we’re listening to

🥪 Quick Bites

Check out what else we’ve been enjoying this month from across the ecosystem and beyond:

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