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Coding Up Magic Ideas with 8-Time Hackathon Winner and Inteli Student, Elisa.

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  • Elisa Flemer, (LinkedIn) - Computer Engineering Student, Inteli - Institute of Technology and Leadership


In this episode, Claudio is joined by Elisa Flemer, a Computer Engineering Student at Inteli. Explore Elisa's journey into coding, her team’s winning hackathon project, Lilium, an AI-powered monitoring system for carbon credits and why it was impossible to build without Cartesi. Plus, as an 8-time hackathon winner (that’s just in 2023!), Elisa shares how Cartesi played a part in securing those wins. Spoiler alert: it’s a go-to tool for anyone seeking innovation. 🪄

About Elisa

Elisa Flemer is a fourth-semester Computer Engineering student at Inteli, actively contributing to end-to-end projects for esteemed companies such as Gerdau, Azul, Falconi, and Ambev. Throughout her academic journey, Elisa has immersed herself in diverse domains, working on projects involving Cloud architectures, predictive maintenance systems, regression and classification models, autonomous robots, robotic arms, IoT, and responsive web apps.

Elisa's prowess extends beyond academia, as she has been consistently recognized in over eight national and international hackathons, particularly in the realms of blockchain and technology.

About Inteli - Institute of Technology and Leadership

Inteli’s mission is to train future technology leaders who will transform Brazil using an educational model focused on the development of real projects that will have an impact on society as a whole.

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